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Discussing Identity Theft on BBC Radio Ulster

Discussing the use of Social Media Identity Theft by supporter(s) of SF’s Martin McGuinness on BBC Radio Ulster. Click here to listen.

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Effects of the rioting and looting in Croydon

My sister-in-law Avril Head, aka Wondermum, who lives in Croydon spoke to Declan Meehan on East Coast Radio’s Morning Show today about the effects the rioting and looting has had on the area. The interview can be heard here.

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Clarification Broadcast on East Coast Radio

A comment broadcast yesterday about what I said on Newstalk during a discussion on social welfare was incorrect, East Coast Radio kindly afforded me the opportunity to set the record straight, listen here.

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Welfare Fraud discussion on Newstalk

Yesterday I participated in Newstalk’s Coleman at Large programme, John O’Donovan and John McGuirk presented the programme and on the panel was myself, Georgina Robinson of Gerald Keane & Co Solicitors and Seamus Dooley, Irish Secretary of the NUJ.

We had a lively discussion on many issues, including Labour Minister Joan Burton’s decision to cut fuel allowance, this segment can be heard here.

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Discussing Welfare Fraud on Shannonside FM

Shannonside FM invited me on air to discuss the calculations in my letter on welfare fraud which appeared in the Irish Independent.  Listen to interview here.


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Leaders Debate

Valerie Cox from Today with Pat Kenny came to our house to hear our views on the 5 way leaders debate.  Click here to listen.

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Who is Stephen?

Declan Meehan invited me along to East Coast Radio’s Outside Broadcast in Rathdrum today to ask who is the man behind the tweets and texts. Listen here.

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Protests Outside the Dáil

East Coast Radio – Protests outside the Dáil

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Billy Timmins forced to withdraw smear remarks live on radio

On 14-Sep-10 Deputy Timmins posted this about me on his facebook site “Might be as well to declare your vested interest when posting comments, just to keep the views balanced as opposed to ‘Masquerading as a mere member of the public’ like on radio.

I responsed a few hours later “I’m disappointed that you have sunk to using the same pathetic smear tactics as some of your party colleagues.  I would ask you to withdraw your remark as I have never hidden who I am nor my political views, they are there for anyone to see on my Facebook, Twitter and blog pages. In addition the researchers on East Coast, The Frontline, Liveline, Drivetime etc are also well aware of them too. Can you please me even one example of when I ‘masqueraded’ ?

Billy failed to withdraw the remarks implying I engaged in deceit, however was forced to when caught out live on East Coast Radio the following day, listen here.

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Paul Williams Exposes Sinn Fein's Double Standards

Paul Williams, the respected crime correspondent, put the hard questions to John Brady, Sinn Fein’s chief apologist in Co Wicklow.

Williams exposed SF’s jobs protest as nothing more than a cheap political stunt, as Brady was unable to put forward any credible plans for job creation, he also repeatedly avoided the questions put by Williams that linked SF with criminality.

Brady was so rattled by the interview that he was reduced to telling a bare faced lie about myself, by stating I was paid by Fianna Fáil, when everyone knows I am an unpaid volunteer for the party.

The interview can be heard here.

This isn’t the first time Brady has run away from answering the hard questions, as earlier this year he refused to comment on the  accusations of a link between Gerry Adams and the brutal murder of Mrs. Jean McConville, a mother of ten children. Traditionally the response of Sinn Fein and in particular of Cllr. Brady and his colleagues has been to adopt a stony silence when asked to respond to the type of revelations which have recently been made in this case.

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