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Paul Williams Exposes Sinn Fein's Double Standards

Paul Williams, the respected crime correspondent, put the hard questions to John Brady, Sinn Fein’s chief apologist in Co Wicklow.

Williams exposed SF’s jobs protest as nothing more than a cheap political stunt, as Brady was unable to put forward any credible plans for job creation, he also repeatedly avoided the questions put by Williams that linked SF with criminality.

Brady was so rattled by the interview that he was reduced to telling a bare faced lie about myself, by stating I was paid by Fianna Fáil, when everyone knows I am an unpaid volunteer for the party.

The interview can be heard here.

This isn’t the first time Brady has run away from answering the hard questions, as earlier this year he refused to comment on the  accusations of a link between Gerry Adams and the brutal murder of Mrs. Jean McConville, a mother of ten children. Traditionally the response of Sinn Fein and in particular of Cllr. Brady and his colleagues has been to adopt a stony silence when asked to respond to the type of revelations which have recently been made in this case.

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