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Billy Timmins forced to withdraw smear remarks live on radio

On 14-Sep-10 Deputy Timmins posted this about me on his facebook site “Might be as well to declare your vested interest when posting comments, just to keep the views balanced as opposed to ‘Masquerading as a mere member of the public’ like on radio.

I responsed a few hours later “I’m disappointed that you have sunk to using the same pathetic smear tactics as some of your party colleagues.  I would ask you to withdraw your remark as I have never hidden who I am nor my political views, they are there for anyone to see on my Facebook, Twitter and blog pages. In addition the researchers on East Coast, The Frontline, Liveline, Drivetime etc are also well aware of them too. Can you please me even one example of when I ‘masqueraded’ ?

Billy failed to withdraw the remarks implying I engaged in deceit, however was forced to when caught out live on East Coast Radio the following day, listen here.

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