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Wicklow Sinn Fein Cllrs must confirm they didn’t benefit from Dáil ink fiasco

Fianna Fáil PRO in Co Wicklow, Stephen Kearon has called on local Sinn Féin representatives in Co Wicklow to confirm that they were never in receipt of printing assistance or products which benefitted their own political work within Co Wicklow.

Mr Kearon said, “Since this story first appeared in the Daily Mail, a number of people locally have raised the question with me as to whether I knew if Wicklow SF had benefitted from printing facilities or were supplied with printer cartridges that would have originated in Leinster House.

I am unaware of any such assistance but concerns of this nature were raised on Pat Kenny’s Radio Programme on RTÉ on Friday 02-03-2012 in an exchange between Pat Kenny, Shane Ross TD and Noel Whelan. I am calling on SF in Wicklow to confirm that this is the case to ensure local people are reassured.

Clearly the vast amounts of ink that Sinn Féin TDs, and in particular Aongus Ó Snodaigh, were using up are very hard to comprehend by normal people. SF in Wicklow should immediately rule out any assistance being provided to them in their work in terms of printing assistance.

Deputy O\’Snodaigh\’s claims simply dont stack up, as in order to print 3 million pages his printer would have be to working for 312 days, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week; this simply isnt credible.\”

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