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Spending cuts are the only way out of recession

I welcome the budget today as it addresses the four of the most critical challenges facing this economy over the next number of years:

1 – Begins the process of correcting the public finances

2 – It creates conditions for an equitable tax system for those at work

3 – It commences the very necessary reforms, already outlined in the Croke Park agreement, with respect to greater efficiencies throughout the public service

4 – Acknowledges the very serious difficulties within the Irish banking system, in line with the measures announced in the joint funding programme between Ireland and the IMF / EU

Whilst huge progress has been made, over the course of the last 2.5 years, continued weak international demand requires that the Irish economy remain agile enough to take advantage of upturn once it takes hold

The measures announced today will ensure that employment opportunities can be created and availed of at rates which remain attractive to work as opposed to welfare transfers.

I support our Government’s ongoing commitment to attracting the highest quality investment from firms in the fields of medicine, pharmaceutical development, high tech and other services has been safeguarded through the reaffirmation to our commitment to the 12.5% corporation tax. This rate of tax has been instrumental in ensuring Ireland has been got the lion’s share of FDI through out  the Euro zone

In conclusion, borrowing €50m a day, every day, and handing the bill to our children is not a suitable nor acceptable legacy for this generation

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