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Protest at the Dáil

Irish Times published my letter today:

Madam, – Watching the so-called “storming” of the Dáil (Home News, May 13th) and then listening to the pathetic apologists on radio the next day was utterly sickening.

Pseudo-socialists like Richard Boyd Barrett are merely damaging the international reputation of this country and its ability to borrow the €400 million a week to pay for the social services and the welfare for many of the people he claims he represents.

Legitimate debate is welcome.  However, cowardly attacks on our hard-won democracy are not.

What right do these people have to put the rights and economic future of law-abiding citizens at risk merely because they are economically illiterate? Rather than attacking the Dáil they should formulate an alternative and put that before the people and see if they get elected.

The loony left-wing anarchists in Greece burned three innocent people, including a pregnant woman, to death. Shame on anyone who claims to support the actions of these murderers.

Have these people forgotten the damage political violence did to this country? – Yours, etc

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