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Politicans Right To Travel Abroad

The Wicklow People have today published my letter regarding St. Patrick’s Days travel:

Dear Editor

It was with surprise that I read the comments from your contributors regarding our elected representatives travelling abroad for St Patrick’s Day.

Such utter nonsense from a bunch of illformed, shortsighted people!

To quote An Taoiseach on the importantance of St. Patrick’s Day, “it gives Ireland a unique global platform and an opportunity to reflect on all that is best in our country”, and leader of the opposition, Enda Kenny TD “St. Patrick’s Day provides us with an opportunity to focus international attention on Ireland”

As Ireland is suffering the effects from the worst, worldwide recession in living memory, it is even more important that our representatives travel this year, as our road to economic recovery and new jobs for our people is through innovating at home and growing our exports abroad.

Foreign Direct Investment is extremely important to our economy, plus 80% of everything this country produces is exported, therefore to turn down the unique goodwill and publicity Ireland gets on St Patrick’s day would be pure madness, and damaging to our recovery.


Stephen Kearon

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