Labour Cllr Denies Connection Between Labour and Unions!


Cllr Barry Nevin was interviewed on East Coast Radio‘s Morning Show today. When my text “It shouldn’t be forgotten that Labours insistence on giving their public service union buddies pay rises via increments will cost twice as much as the household charge will raise” was put to Cllr Nevin he refused to answer. At the […]

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Wicklow Sinn Fein Cllrs must confirm they didn’t benefit from Dáil ink fiasco


Fianna Fáil PRO in Co Wicklow, Stephen Kearon has called on local Sinn Féin representatives in Co Wicklow to confirm that they were never in receipt of printing assistance or products which benefitted their own political work within Co Wicklow. Mr Kearon said, “Since this story first appeared in the Daily Mail, a number of […]

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If Carlsberg did weekends


What a weekend – a hugely successful Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis coupled with Ireland leaving Paris undefeated. The energy and enthusiasm at the Ard Fheis was palpable, not to mention the great feeling from being surrounded by thousands of real Republicans, without a single balaclava or cartridge in sight. (more…)

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O’Snodaigh​’s prints dont stack up – LITTERally


Media reports say the number of toner cartridges he took would be enough to print between 3 to 4 million pages If we take the lower figure of 3 million, divide by the pages per minute of a fast colour printer (20ppm) we get 150,000 minutes Divide this by 60 we get 2,500 hours Divide this […]

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Comparison of Irish and UK Income Tax 2012


There is still much misinformation about the amount of income tax paid in Ireland vs the UK Click here to see latest comparison, this is based on 2012 rates and includes all levies as well as USC change in Budget 2012.

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Minister for Misery Attacks Working Families


Minister for Misery, Labour’s Brendan Howlin, certainly lived up to his party’s pledge to protect the Croke Park agreement, all at the expense (literally) of the 1.5m people who work in the private sector.  This is Labour’s way. Rather than stopping the €1.2b in increments paid to his public service union buddies, he attacked working […]

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Aras 2011 Wicklow Tally


The tally will start with the count at 9am, and is made possible due to representatives from all candidates working together and is usually extremely accurate. The boxes are to be opened in numeric order so there will be regional shifts during the tally. Keep watching this post for updates. Live updates through Twitter, just […]

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Discussing Identity Theft on BBC Radio Ulster


Discussing the use of Social Media Identity Theft by supporter(s) of SF’s Martin McGuinness on BBC Radio Ulster. Click here to listen.

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Martin McGuinness 40 years too late


I note in Friday’s Irish Times Martin McGuinness predicated that attacks on his campaign would cease because they had not worked,  if only he had come to the same conclusion 40 years ago, the thousands of people murdered by his IRA’s campaign would be walking around alive today, such as three year old Jonathan Ball, […]

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McGuinness as President? No thanks


One of the first interviews Martin McGuinness gave as a candidate for the Irish Presidency was with RTE. In it he stated that he wanted to be judged on his last two decades in Irish life.  I can fully understand why he would only want a limited examination of his career. The contribution he made […]

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