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Mick Wallace’s Statement Insufficient

Mick Wallace’s statement was far from being full and and frank and leaves a lot of be desired

Firstly it wasn’t an “under-declaration of VAT” but a deliberate and knowingly false declaration of VAT. Secondly VAT is not his company’s money so should never have been used for cash flow, then or ever.

He goes on to say he “believed that the company would be able to pay the full amount within six to twelve months“.  If that was the case why did he not send in a truthful VAT return and contact the Revenue to arrange a payment schedule?

He goes on to describe his false declaration as “an error of judgement“, this is nonsense as it was a calculated decision, a crime is a crime and should be described as such.

Deputy Wallace ends his statement by referring to cuts in Special Needs Assistants, this is especially ironic as the €2.1m he owes to the State would pay the an annual salary of over of 80 SNAs.

If Deputy Wallace genuinely wants to apologise then he should resign his seat immediately.

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