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Enda Kenny Must Resign Immediately

The stunning revelations in the Moriarty report mean Enda Kenny must put the country first and resign now along with the rest of the tainted rainbow six at cabinet

Taoiseach Kenny, leader of the self proclaimed ‘law and order’ party kept pointing out collective cabinet responsibility in recent months, he must now accept this himself, otherwise he will have no credibility both at home, and more importantly in Europe where he is trying to persuade our EU partners to adjust the interest rate Ireland pays for necessary state funding.

No one tainted with this rigged state competition can stay in office, otherwise Irelands ability to attract FDI will be fatally damaged.

Its also important to note the tribunal made a number of stinging criticisms of FG in relation to a political donation to the party of $50,000, to be paid by Esat, “in the immediate aftermath of the successful outcome of the GSM competition”.

It said this payment was “made in a manner which, having regard to its false and misleading documentation, the initial payment to an offshore Jersey account, and the eventual delays and misrepresented form of transmission to Fine Gael, was secretive, utterly lacking in transparency and designed to conceal the fact of such payment by or on behalf of the donors”.

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