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Government Allows Criminals to Steal Our Children’s Future

Yesterday the Irish Independent highlighted yet another example of welfare fraud, when it revealed that over 2,000 prisoners fraudulently claimed welfare last year while they were in jail (1,661), or amazingly whilst even on the run (381).

Assuming each dole thief claimed the minimum payment of €188 per week, this means the tax payer was defrauded €19.96 million last year.

To put this amount into context, €19.96 million would pay the salaries of 860 SNAs.

FG promised a crack down on welfare fraud, if they had lived up to this promise there would be no need to cut the 200 SNAs that led to protests outside the Dáil yesterday.  Not only would not not need to cut these 200 SNAs, they could afford to employ another 660!

Regretablly it seems the FG/Lab coalition cherishes dole cheats more than the nation’s children.

Welfare fraud costs this state €2-3 billion per year. Minister Michael Ring was correct to point out that middle Ireland cannot afford any more cuts in income, therefore its time for his party to introduce an immediate policy of zero tolerance towards benefit cheats before taking a single cent more from honest citizens.

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