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Wicklow Stability Treaty Tally 2012

The tally will start with the count at 9am, and is made possible due to representatives from all parties and civic groups working together and is usually extremely accurate.

The boxes are normally opened in numeric order so there will be regional shifts during the tally.

Live updates through Twitter, just click here to view.

Current status of Wicklow via Google Docs spreadsheet, click here to view

Current status of tallies from all 43 constituencies via Google Docs spreadsheet, click here to view

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Job Annoucements Since January 2012

A myth on the No side is that no jobs are being created, the reality is of course rather different, specifically since January 2012 over 10,000 new jobs have been announced by the following companies:

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90% of Independent Economists Surveyed voting YES in Stability Treaty

The “Assessment of the Impact of the Fiscal Treaty on the Irish Economy” by Indecon represents an independent economic analysis of the impact of the Treaty on Stability, Convergence and Growth (the ‘Fiscal Treaty’) on the Irish economy. The research includes an analysis of a new survey of leading independent non-government academic and research economists in Ireland. 44 independent economists responded to this survey.

The survey element includes results based on the opinions of 44 leading independent economists who are engaged in research or academic work in nine of the main centres of independent economic analysis in Ireland.

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SF/IRA – Leopards don’t change their spots

For over three decades SF/IRA attempted to destroy this state with physical force terrorism.

Yet despite the defeat of their IRA buddies, SF have enthusiastically continued with this goal, now engaging in acts of economic terrorism, planting their misinformation in an attempt to bully and scare the Irish people into voting No, the consequences of which will be unimaginable austerity when Ireland is unable to borrow at affordable rates, or even at all.

SF/IRA’s bombs and bullets failed, hopefully their ill gotten ink and weasel words will too.

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