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Clarification Broadcast on East Coast Radio

A comment broadcast yesterday about what I said on Newstalk during a discussion on social welfare was incorrect, East Coast Radio kindly afforded me the opportunity to set the record straight, listen here.

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Welfare Fraud discussion on Newstalk

Yesterday I participated in Newstalk’s Coleman at Large programme, John O’Donovan and John McGuirk presented the programme and on the panel was myself, Georgina Robinson of Gerald Keane & Co Solicitors and Seamus Dooley, Irish Secretary of the NUJ.

We had a lively discussion on many issues, including Labour Minister Joan Burton’s decision to cut fuel allowance, this segment can be heard here.

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Kenny should follow his own advice and resign

In January 2008, Enda Kenny called on the then Taoiseach to resign for demeaning the profession of politics.  Today we learnt that not only has Enda Kenny broken his solemn promise to keep Roscommon A&E open, he also denied he ever made such a promise!

Enda Kenny himself  has now utterly demeaned the profession of politics and he should now follow his own advice and immediately resign, not only has he lost the trust of the people, its clear he has lost the respect of of his party by his failure yesterday to get his preferred candidate selected to run for the Presidency.

It’s also fairly obvious that Kenny hasn’t read his own party’s Fair Care document which states their Universal Health Insurance “offers local hospitals a sustainable role in Ireland’s healthcare system.”

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Election promises and hospitals

Fine Gael’s James Reilly said that the money will follow the patient.

However, so far all we’ve seen is the patient following the money – all the way down the N63 to Galway which is about an extra 80km, and here in Wicklow it looks like patients will be forced to travel an additional 19km on the N11 from St Columcille’s Hospital to St Vincent’s.

Regrettably it seems FG’s definition of a fair society is one where their politicians tell lies to get into power, their Ministers shamelessly carry out U-turn after U-turn, and their sick voters die when travelling needless extra kilometres

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The Government must stop creating new uncertaint​ies

FF’s 4 year plan (whether you agreed with it or not) did set out exactly the fiscal measures that would have to be taken to get Ireland’s deficit back in line so that we could return to the markets and remove ourselves from the grip of the EU-IMF.

The secondary purpose of the plan was to give certainty to people as to what would be happening over the next 4 years.

People need certainty, and when they have it, the domestic economy will be able to adjust and return to spending within the new limits laid down by the 4 year plan.

What FG and Labour have done is removed all certainty and have put us right back to where we were in 2008/9 – not having a clue what’s going on and what’s going to happen.

This uncertainty will mean people will continue to save at ridiculous levels. This saving is killing the economy.

The Government must stop creating new uncertainties – we don’t know what’s going to be cut and we don’t know what new taxes there will be.

Instead of setting out a road map like the 4 year plan, the Government have done the reverse, and this new uncertainty that Michael Noonan has created will compound the worsening affects of the recession. which will probably lead to the deficit not closing quickly enough and a 2nd EU-IMF bailout being required.

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