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Discussing Welfare Fraud on Shannonside FM

Shannonside FM invited me on air to discuss the calculations in my letter on welfare fraud which appeared in the Irish Independent.  Listen to interview here.


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Government Allows Criminals to Steal Our Children’s Future

Yesterday the Irish Independent highlighted yet another example of welfare fraud, when it revealed that over 2,000 prisoners fraudulently claimed welfare last year while they were in jail (1,661), or amazingly whilst even on the run (381).

Assuming each dole thief claimed the minimum payment of €188 per week, this means the tax payer was defrauded €19.96 million last year.

To put this amount into context, €19.96 million would pay the salaries of 860 SNAs.

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Brian Lenihan RIP

The untimely death last week of Brian Lenihan, aged only 52, has left Ireland a poorer place, as we’ve lost one of our most patriotric public servants.  Brian (he always insisted on being called by his first name) showed everyone what politics should be about – duty, passion and a determination to always put country before personal and party concerns.

Brian was proud to be an Irish man, and the outpouring of affection over the last few days shows how proud his fellow country men and women are of him.

On behalf of myself and my Fianna Fáil colleagues in Wicklow I would like to extend our sincerely coldolances to his family and friends

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Fiddling the System – Ireland’s Dole Cheats

What was most shocking in TV3’s programme ‘Fiddling the System’ was the complete disregard the welfare cheats had for their fellow citizens.

Welfare fraud is a criminal act that damages communal cohesion and concepts of fairness within society, this illegal, selfish behaviour should never be  tolerated, but especially now when resources are scarce.

RTE’s Prime Time Investigates programme in December 2009 estimated that between one in ten and one in seven social welfare payments could be fraudulent, costing the taxpayer between €2.2 billion and €3 billion per year. We have to stop this.

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