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Enda Kenny – Dangerous and Unsuitable for Office

Enda Kenny again proved how incapable he is to run the country by stating, in the Dáil yesterday, that Irish banks held €7 billion in Greek bonds, a figure that would have had huge implications for their tier one capital requirements as well as for the cost of Irish borrowing, when the actual figure was a mere €40 million.   
Such mistakes prove how inept Kenny is, he claims he is able to run the country, however I wouldnt trust his to run a sweet shop!

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Pat Cahill, ASTI & "Bailing out the banks"

Pat Cahill is conveniently ignoring his own union’s past.  In 2001 the ASTI rejected the labour court’s recommendations and instead decided to strike in support of their demand for a massive 30% pay rise.

Such action directly contributed to the economic situation this country now finds itself in.  This fact needs to be taken on board by the membership of all public service unions, and for them to start putting national interest before self interest.

Ireland needs a function banking system, without which they will be no economic activity and therefore no taxes to pay public service salaries, welfare etc.  We can do without certain bankers, but not the banking system itself.

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Labour's Gilmore to take from the poor in order to bribe the rich

Eamon Gilmore stated on The Panel (5th November 2009) that he would stop paying welfare recipients, his exact words being “there is a requirement to get any dole payment that you have to be available for work or available for education or whatever, and if someone doesn’t comply with that you don’t pay them”.

Gilmore’s party passed a motion last night (17th April 2010) calling on the party to campaign for a reversal of the public sector pay cuts, clearly his ‘One Ireland’ is where Labour intends to bribe securely employed public servants with money taken from private sector tax payers and those withouts jobs.

What a wonderous place Gilmore in Wonderland must be, one where fake fivers have been replaced by fake policies and fake economics.  One where his policies are as out of date as his 20 year old front bench.

Gilmore has just confirmed that he and Labour are now economically illiterate and owned by the unions. Is that the Ireland we want going forward? Ireland deserves better.

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Bear in mind, the money to fund NAMA has been loaned not by bondholders, but by the ECB, at almost no interest and on a one-off basis for the specific purpose. We wouldn’t have been permitted the funding for any other reason, the international markets wouldn’t have given it to us, and, if NAMA and the recapitalisation had not been done, our Sovereign position would too weak for us to borrow the €6 billion needed this year for public salaries.

Ironically, teachers and other public servants are targeting the one instrument without which we actually wouldn’t be able to pay them at all, at all. The idea that our position, internationally, is unique in this respect is quite incorrect.  The US and Britain have shored up their banks at far greater cost and in return for much less control.

Above is taken from Garrett Greene’s post on Facebook.

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