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Discussing Identity Theft on BBC Radio Ulster

Discussing the use of Social Media Identity Theft by supporter(s) of SF’s Martin McGuinness on BBC Radio Ulster. Click here to listen.

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UK Jobcentres launch iPhone and Android Application for Jobseekers

The UK’s Jobcentre Plus service is now available through iPhone and Android applications, providing a vital service to the jobless-but-gadget-obsessed.

The app is free to download and provides for keyword searching, with location-specific filtering and maps showing where the work is.

A great idea we should implement in Ireland, especially as so many of our recently unemployed are young people, and therefore happy to use technology.

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Finally iPhone to get multitasking

Apple this summer will go a long way towards silencing critics and catering to one of the most prevalent demands of its iPhone user base, when it introduces a multitasking solution through the handset’s 4.0 software update that will finally allow several third party apps to run concurrently and in the background.

Full details here.

No mention though if they will implement same on the iPad.

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