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Budget 2017 – A Wasted Opportunity

Before Budget 2017 the Hibernia Forum highlighted the fact that Income tax payers had been singled out by Government. The central reality is that while the real economy and revenues under most tax headings are struggling to recover to their 2007 highs, revenue from Income Tax and the Universal Charge is expected this year to equal 140% of its 2007 level, having reached 100% in 2011.

Budget 2017 was a wasted opportunity, whilst few would object to those on contributory pensions, carers allowance, disability allowance or job seekers benefit receiving a rise, the Government decided to discourage work by giving a blanket increase to those on job seekers allowance, which includes the 34,500 who have never worked, never contributed a cent in PRSI.

This wasted opportunity means a single person earning up to €51,500 will benefit less from Budget 2017 than a person who has never worked!

This is grossly unfair on the hard working tax payers of Ireland; it seems yet again the Government has ignored Middle Ireland.

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Comparison of Irish and UK Income Tax 2014/15

There is still much misinformation about the amount of income tax paid in Ireland vs the UK

Click here to see latest comparison, this is based on Budget 2015 and includes USC

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Yearly Cost of Permanent Idle is €311m

Yesterday’s Sunday Business Post published figures obtained by Colm Keaveney TD that showed 34,500 people claiming the dole have never worked, never contibuted a cent in PRSI. Continue reading Yearly Cost of Permanent Idle is €311m…

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Austerity? What Austerity!

Conor McGarry has analysed the data from the Department of Finance monthly exchequer statements 1998 – 2012 and has discovered something rather interesting – the data shows that under the FG/Lab Government spending has actually been increasing, yet Austerity is defined as the policy of deficit-cutting by lowering spending.

2010 – €47b

2011 – €48b

2012 – €50.3b


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Wicklow House Prices

The launch of the Property Price Register allows anyone to check the selling price of a house in their area.

I have downloaded the database, sorted it by area and have produced the following files containing details of all properties sold in Co  Wicklow


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Patients Will Die Because of Labour

The words from the Labour Party’s Leader, Chairman and numerous TDs are utterly sickening as it is their insistence on protecting the Croke Park Agreement that is putting the salaries of their well paid union buddies before the lives of sick and vulnerable citizens.

How many will have to die before the Labour Party allow the renegotiation clause to be triggered?

James Connolly must be spinning in his grave at the betrayal of his ideals.

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Job Annoucements Since January 2012

A myth on the No side is that no jobs are being created, the reality is of course rather different, specifically since January 2012 over 10,000 new jobs have been announced by the following companies:

Continue reading Job Annoucements Since January 2012…

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90% of Independent Economists Surveyed voting YES in Stability Treaty

The “Assessment of the Impact of the Fiscal Treaty on the Irish Economy” by Indecon represents an independent economic analysis of the impact of the Treaty on Stability, Convergence and Growth (the ‘Fiscal Treaty’) on the Irish economy. The research includes an analysis of a new survey of leading independent non-government academic and research economists in Ireland. 44 independent economists responded to this survey.

The survey element includes results based on the opinions of 44 leading independent economists who are engaged in research or academic work in nine of the main centres of independent economic analysis in Ireland.

Continue reading 90% of Independent Economists Surveyed voting YES in Stability Treaty…

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Comparison of Irish and UK Income Tax 2012

There is still much misinformation about the amount of income tax paid in Ireland vs the UK

Click here to see latest comparison, this is based on 2012 rates and includes all levies as well as USC change in Budget 2012.

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Minister for Misery Attacks Working Families

Minister for Misery, Labour’s Brendan Howlin, certainly lived up to his party’s pledge to protect the Croke Park agreement, all at the expense (literally) of the 1.5m people who work in the private sector.  This is Labour’s way.

Rather than stopping the €1.2b in increments paid to his public service union buddies, he attacked working families by:

  • Doubling school transport costs
  • Increasing drug payment scheme ceiling
  • Forcing a 50% increase in private health insurance

This is Labour’s way.

Continue reading Minister for Misery Attacks Working Families…

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