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Public Sector Industrial Action

This excellent letter appeared in today’s Irish Times. Madam, – In this dire economic environment, one obvious and justified way for the Government to raise money would be for it to enforce the contract it has with its employees. If they, for example, refuse to take telephone calls, this reduces their productivity by, say, 10 […]

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Our Public Finances Have Stabilised

Over the last twenty months, the FF lead Government has taken decisive and bold action to bring this country back from the brink of economic and financial ruin. The latest of these measures were contained in last December’s budget. Savings of €4 billion were made through cuts in public sector pay, an average 4% reduction […]

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SF Cllr Launches an Inaccurate, Personal Attack on Me

SF Cllr Snell has launched an inaccurate, and personal attack on me, in response to my criticism of his comments on the new Wicklow Port Access Road. I will be issuing a full response to him

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Public Service Attacking Democracy

East Coast Radio – Public Service Attacking Democracy Me and Peter Mullen (PRO of the INTO debating) During the course of the interview, Peter Mullen falsely accused me of getting my facts wrong, as such after the programme I sent the following emails to East Coast Radio: (more…)

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